Anime film review: Kimino Nawa (Your name) and Makoto Shinkai’s other works

Written by @mayshing

To be very honest, Director Makoto Shinkai’s work is really a hit or miss for me. One thing he does consistently well is the use of camera, cinematography, and landscape, he is an absolute master at those skills. Story telling wise… I am not always able to board the train on his “feels” for his films like those of his loyal fans, so I will first admit, with disclaimers, I did not follow him very closely, I have watched the following films by him thus far:

List of his films:
Your Name
Probably the cutest story he has made out of all the “HELLO! CAN YOU HEAR/FIND ME NOW?!” romance tale, with beautifully cut together scenes, great pacing to create mystery to an other wise simple story.
Yes, I think this story is not that complicated… fans, don’t kill me. Maybe I need to re-watch it, but due to the fact I have watched other similar story types… I have to say I am not going to call this “complicated.” But I will call it a simple story well done on cinema, if the pacing, or shots are out of line, this would have been a not-so-great tale instead, but thanks to the masterful use of the cuts, it is a good film. His use of cinematography, cuts, composition, the description of quiet moments is starting to closely resemble Miyazaki, the master of quiet moments. Quiet moments no longer bores me in this film but gives me critical information about the character, keep me guessing about their lives, the glimpse has reached a sense of “peeking” magic. You start to feel like a kid again, watching what is going on with the characters lives that you should have not intruded. The roles between male vs female mind is also well captured for me whom grew up in a similar society setting. Safe to say this is not depressive, the mood is optimistic. I did not shed a tear but I did get the sense why certain emotions are portrayed in the characters immediately without the film explaining. So overall, a pleasant film to watch.
Rating: Cute and fun (OMG HE HAS A CUTE FILM… ahem…)
The Garden of Words
This film impressed me the most so far, from pure artistic stand point. You just have to agree every shot is extremely beautiful, small moments really start to speak to you here in this film. Everything has a serene feel, and the quiet, kind of a forbidden love story in the film can bring you the feels in climax. I would consider this an ageless master piece for 2D animation from an artistic stand point, it’s like viewing a moving artbook, it’s that pretty.
Rating: The Feels
Children Who Chase Lost Voices
This film lost me…. really early on, the pacing was… too slow. It’s alright, I committed that sin before with mine. I started looking at the watch, seriously. I could tell how the story will play out really early on, it feels like a homage to Miyazaki film, but didn’t quite “get it”. I don’t know what happened there. I couldn’t watch until the end. It was definitely not a film I want to sit through, sorry.
Rating: Nap time
5 Centimeters Per Second
I think… for a single person film, this is a beautiful film.
Story wise, REALLY NOT MY CUP OF TEA though… the pacing was slow, hardly any animation, long melancholy shots…
the hopeless romantic feel is not something I would board the train for,
the main characters cry over something I am deadly used to… long distance. Sorry… I really can’t relate much. I understand it, but I still can not empathize thus killed the film for me.
I gotta admit, the title is brilliant, it’s the most catchy title because it’s got a number, a fact, and it relates to an emotion… and well… just deliver that line somewhere in the film has you set…
If being sappy, hopelessly romantic, with beautiful, beautiful scenery is your thing…. enjoy~