Animation Tests

We’re always in need of animation volunteers!

Did you know it takes almost an army of 200 animators to do 30 minute cartoon/anime episodes in a few months? The sheer level of labor is intense for this particular medium, so we’re always in need of dedicated individuals. If there is funding available, we’d share it based on work contributed for the hardest workers. We also do training of individuals with the potential and motivation to improve (it’s a big investment of time and energy on both of our parts!). Tests are listed from more difficult skill sets to easier skills at the end.

Animation Tests Attempts Status
Layout/Background Painting Test 0 Highly Needed
Light and Shade Test 1 Listed Highly Needed
Tweening Test 1 Listed Highly Needed
Inker Test 8 Listed Still Needed
Colorist Test 35 Listed Full for now.

Email test to mayshing (a) gmail (dot) com for evaluation.