Our team’s recommended equipments for at home recording for perfect sound delivery:

A perfect sound Audition:

Must be in WAVE or AIFFs

Must have no pops, no noise, no hitting red zone.

Must all have clarity of dialogue, and expression.

No BGM, no added sound effects unless requested.

Roles: You are welcome to pick any characters I have that has not been cast if you think you fit their voice. Just act off any page with their lines on my manga. Or you can just send me the best Demo you have. Make sure you meet our requirement, other wise you will not get response.

Vocal recording quality:

Regular lines record at -3 db

No louder than that, or you will peak into red zone.

CLEAN record is MUST.

MUST have clarity of dialogues, believability of character and acting.

Yelling and Shouting lines: Record at -6 db, peak no more than -3 db

Focus on the acting of the lines, not volume, the volume will be artificially raised afterward.

Other things to pay attention to:

Vocal with effects: (Robots, flash backs, TV) Record at -6 db to -3 db range. You can go from -6 to -3, if you fall out of range you need to redo the lines.

Clean record is must, pop filter is must.

No plosives (p, s, ts), no sibilance, unwanted reverb,  noise will be more recognizable.

If you spit or have ps, tiks, sound easily, you must use pop filter.

Vocals with ambience or music: Don’t need to do this unless directed.

Record on Average of -9 db, to -3 db.

Once you picked a voice level, whether it’s -9 db, -6 db, or -3 db, you must stay consistent on that voice level, you can only have 3 db fluctuation. If you go more than that it will not work with the rest of the sound and have to re-record.

Other notes:

Do not have your mic backed to a wall, keep it in the center of a room. Keep it away from any reflective surfaces, pile fuzzy blankets around because they take away sound. Normal smooth blanket will still bounce unwanted sound into the mic.

Ear phone: Studio quality headphone our sound engineer Greg Lim recommends, it will make all imperfect recording obvious to your

 AKG K271MKII Closed Back Circumaural Headphones

Mic: Mic price range is around 50-99 USD.

*Accessories like pop filter will perfect the sound further, but not required if you can deliver clean sound without it.

Blue Microphones Spark Condenser Microphone, Cardioid: *newest recommendation* is best. (Analog)
Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone = Great for instruments

Shure MV7X XLR Podcast Microphone – Pro Quality Dynamic Mic for Podcasting & Vocal Recording  = usb, great for noisy environments.

Speaker: (Around 100 USD) Recommended by Greg Lim, for sound testing.
Recommended foam: (For serious sound people who wants to make their own studio)

Building a foam box with the mic, recording in a quiet room, gives fairly professional result.

Freeware, free to download.

Record in your padded closet, use clothing and foam to block out all sound.

Do not record in an open room nor a corner of the room, it tends to get reverb, any reverb disqualifies the voice recording for our production. Our production standard is for official products and DVD playable in surround sound setting, so all sound delivery must be perfect.

Music Stock: