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We hope to be able to launch full production and pay the key artists team for working like a real studio. Please consider becoming our monthly partner.

Monthly Donation Goals:
$1000 – Mayshing Mayshing able to work full time job making 2 webcomics and animating

$3000 – Add another animator and full time staff

People who invested in us financially on monthly bases with their faith to help us succeed!


Cookie Partner: ($5)You treat us to a cookie each month. 😀 We will keep you in record and give you free products as they come based on your investment.

Burger partner: ($20) You treat us to a burger meal each month. 😀  We will keep you in record and give you free products as they come based on your life time investment.

Dinner partner: ($50) You treat us to a steak dinner each month (we aren’t actually buying that, we’re thrifty!).  We will keep you in record and give you free products as they come based on your investment. You will get to see partner reports.

Biz partner: ($100+) Oh dang you really believe in us! We will help you keep record of your investment and give you reports on how we are doing, as well as share our resources with you. When we incorporate we will work on giving you shares and returns from profits based on your investment within reasonable range and ability. Before that happens, you can get any products you want from us, and cameo/insert commercial into any projects we have in development and join our staff circle for inside look!

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Life time support: (Patreon only)

$300 and over – studio partner shout out on sites, end of year studio production file request.

idonotneedaname | Tiffany Lei

$1000 and over – studio founding members credit, studio production files request, story plot cameo or an illustration request (1 illustration per $300 dollar pledges), partner shoutout on site/ socials

J.M. Henry | William Kage | Judy Dahl | Giselle Leung | Yunsildin | Derek Chow