Volunteer Investment System

Legally, this small scale studio is currently operating as 1 person company and the rest of the members involvement are counted as freelancers.


Due to limited budgets from our patreon and our directors’ personal pockets at the moment for developing and building on our original content, we have established a volunteer system for those who are not in immediately financial needs to contribute freely.

The volunteer system allows more content to be generated faster and more assignments to be given out in advance. (For voice actors, more lines can be assigned)

We developed a log system that keeps ourselves accountable and fair to anyone who put in their precious time for the production. This system is ONLY USED for ORIGINAL CONTENT, if it’s commission and client based content we will always pay for the commission immediately after delivery, or partial advance paid in segments.

We log all volunteer involvements of all members, staff and freelancers, either by hours or items contributed (for voice actors, count by # of lines in contribution of the price that’s fair for the time period, 2023 is $5 per line) and share the google spread sheets to the members, the involved time is counted as member’s investment into the productions, with risk of not getting financial returns.

All staff and freelancers who contributed will get a share of our productions native files for download, and personal use to further their demos, and personal career development.

Going by the value contributed we will provide skill trade (such as trading favors) or pay out delay payments when more income is generated from the content.

Yearly bonuses is in the works should the content generate enough net revenue to share.

Sign up for the volunteer system is completely optional and by personal choice. Let Mayshing know if you are up for it.