Mystic Shenshu

Genre: (B/W) Chinese Fantasy, Shonen
Production Time: 2012 (Sporadic)
Pages: 48
Tools Used: Calligraphy brush, photoshop
Languages: English, Chinese


Synopsis: A pair of Taiwanese middle school student who were stuck in their routine daily school life got captured and transported into the World of Ghost in Ancient China, where written words, and the art of Calligraphy holds power. Their only way out is to find Shenshu, the Calligraphy of God.

Ramblings: It’s a series I have started after seeing Hikaru no go, where a manga can help the general public to understand and appreciate ancient arts. Chinese calligraphy has long been a type of abstract art that’s hard to understand for most. It is an art form my grandfather loved and practiced as a calligrapher, I wanted to start something that’s exciting, to make people think “Calligraphy is cool,” and be able to appreciate its depth and history, that’s my intention with the series. I’m by no means a calligrapher, so hopefully this series will inspire better artists to do their own takes on the concept to promote an art form that’s slowly fading.