E-Depth Angel Trailer

Based on E-Depth Angel
Time: 1:54
Producer: mayshing
Production Time: Sept 2008-April 2009
# of Labor: Mayshing + 18 Members
Tools Used: Photoshop, Flash, Paint Tool Sai, After Effects


Ramblings: I have wanted to try my hands on an anime opening sequence, I decided to do one based on my sci-fi manga E-Depth Angel. First time animating a mech turning by hand…. Ohhh! what torture!!!!!! I kept cursing while I animated it, “WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF? HOW DID THOSE JAPANESE ANIMATORS SURVIVE THIS?” After this opening anime I learned that… 1. Mechs should have 3D base…. even if the result looks 2D. (Just so there’s less pain on 2D animators) 2. Should give compositing job to Eric H. he does such a wonderful job to it, if only he has time. ;_; 3. I should have told the story more in sequence, first time MV project. 4. Angel’s hair…… one of the most time consuming things… but None, the mech I had to draw was the most evil of all.