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Developer: Altabe Studio x Zeiva Inc.
Status: Hiatus
Demo Release Date: Pending
Production Time: Oct 2013 – Present
Type/Genre: VN Adventure Game - Mystery, Drama
Rating: Everyone
Release: TBA
Engine: Renpy
Language: English
Platform: PC/Mac/Linux


Synopsis: Estranged from his parents and disillusioned about his future, college student Kenneth spends most of his time surfing his days away. After receiving a mysterious photo of his family that he has no recollection of, he decides to delve into his family’s secret to find the hidden truth.

Similar Game Concepts: Hotel Dusk: Room 215, Last Window: The Secret of Cape West, 999, Escape Games

Creator Ramblings: This game has been inspired by Japanese style adventure games that combine conversational elements of visual novels and gameplay elements of adventure games. This graphic adventure game has a variety of simple mini-games and problem solving puzzles reminiscent of escape games. Choices made during the visual novel route determines the main character interactions with others, which will affect his demeanor and attitude toward the end of the game (determining his future). Multiple endings based on choices made. Gifts gained from solving problems can be given to others with "interesting" results. Amount of game content is dependent on player style. The game can be completed in one playthrough should you play thoroughly and try to maximize every experience. Otherwise future replays would make more sense in character behaviors with hindsight.

At this time we are looking to get the game out faster and adding new members to get the demo out quickly. Ideally will run a small Kickstarter for polish, potential full voice acting, and mastermind Tip route added. Hope you have playing this game once it's out! Follow me on twitter @altabe_roxie for game updates, and feel free to ask me questions about the game 🙂 -Roxie

Team Members:

  • Roxie - Creator, Programmer, Writer, Lead Artist
  • Mirage - Art Director, Sprite and CG Colorist
  • Mayshing - Animator, CG Concept Designer
  • Nitarou - Item Artist
  • Tonio - BG Colorist
  • DragoonHP - Programmer
  • Kidoairaku - GUI Designer
  • Greg and Matt - Sound Producer, Sound FX and BGM
  • Elysse and Alex - Proofreader, Game Testers
  • Special Thanks:
    Minit, Janek, Saguaro, and Darkness

Game Inspirations: Cing games (Another Code, Hotel Dusk series), Shu Takumi (Ace Attorney 1-4, Ghost Trick), Zero Escape series, Professor Layton series, Time Hollow, Dangan Ronpa

Initial Main Cast Designs: