A Letter to Father

Based on 2Masters
Time: 6:11
Producer: mayshing
Production Time: April 2009 - April 2010
Award: XP Media Film Festival 2010 Best Animation
Tools Used: Photoshop, Flash, Paint Tool Sai, After Effects
# of Labor: Mayshing + 28 Members (Colorists, Inkers, Sound, Voice Acting)


Logline: Jeremy writes a letter to his father to tell him about a journey, but his father has passed away, thus he tears it up in the end and send it into the wind.

Ramblings: A short based on my fantasy manga 2Masters. It was the first time for me to do a full 5 minute film working with voice actor Niel (who's been really cooperative and supportive) and sound editing, with original sound track and I encountered way too many issues just like it was my first film. Thankfully I had so many people helping out with this film volunteering to color, to ink, and doing music. It was a learning experience just like every film has been. I wanted to tell a story that is on a slower pace with animation, and now with this film... I can say slow animation is one of the most challenging type of animation there is. It's a big lesson to learn. 5-6 minute of film took a year of intense work with our small team. The most evil element in this film to animate has to be... The skull warrior who fought with Jeremy, and the painted knights on armored dragons/horse.... I wanted to try doing painterly style animation, and found out the painful way just how long it takes.