Papa and the Door

Original Short
Time: 0:30
Producer: mayshing
Production Time: Oct 2008 – Dec 2009
# of Labor: Mayshing
Tools Used: Adobe Flash, Photoshop


Ramblings: It’s a short story inspired by the door that doesn’t seem to want to close itself in my house during winter. My school SVA required me to do something non-anime style, so to fullfill my professor’s request I did this 30 seconds film, and on top of that finished E-Depth Angel Trailer to go with it in the same workshop. There’s no evil element in this animation, the character’s easy and fun to animate, the squash and stretch and smearing is really really fun to animate as well. But I probably have a masochist personality, if the film doesn’t torture me, I don’t feel as much accomplishment from it. But yes, traditional cartoon is a wonderful thing to animate.