Patreon added



Mayshing has launched patreon for a while and offers a variety of rewards behind the scenes. Now offering a sketch reward for every patreon joined!





+ you will get all the sketches and design updates early behind the scenes
+ general website updates months early








+ $1 tier rewards
+ mp3, mp4 private previews and downloads not on other sites



Edepth Angel Manga Sponsorship:
+ $1~ $4 tier rewards
+ Edepth bonus materials and zip packs
+PDFs will be delivered to you in volumes.
+ access to edepth psd files



Support both 2Masters and Edepth Angel manga series, get both of their previews at the same time.
+rewards above
+volume pdfs will be delivered to you.
+PSD downloads
+ game discount codes




  • Get a personalized digital sketch of my character of your choice
  • Plus all previous rewards
  • A customized digital sketch after pledging for 1 months
  • Steam key for new game release




  • Beta testers for a single E-depth game and free copy of our game when completed.
  • Video tutorial downloads
  • Native PSD files
  • Get a sketch request per month
  • shared game, animation assets