“Are you interested in helping out?”

You get to learn many things about the animation and manga creating process with our studio. From helping to freelancing!
A great place to start for beginners is as a colorist. Our coloring test can be found here.

Do I need art skills?

As a colorist you just need to have good eye and hand control in adding color, and being able to follow directions.

If you have better art skills you may consider trying out for the inker role. The inker does the linework seen in animation, as well as provides the linework that colorists add color on.

Inker work requires:

  • Consistent line control
  • Basic understanding of Animation
  • Intermediate understanding of Anatomy and Clothing
  • High familiarity with Character Designs
  • A ton of patience

Our inker test can be found here.

If you already have a good grasp of drawing you can consider trying out for the tweener or animation roles. You can find the tweening test here.

We are also looking for individuals with advanced coloring with light and shadows or background painting work.

Besides learning about animation, is there anything else?

We can provide you knowledge in our respective fields.
Mayshing Animation and Manga Tutorials and Advice
Greg Anything related to Sound (Music, Programs to use, Voice Acting Advice)
Roxie Game Making (Renpy Coding and Game Art Related Advice)

Also our most devoted Volunteers will receive training based on their willingness to learn.

I can’t do any art stuff…

We are also looking for programmers to help with our game projects. If you are a programmer looking to get into game programming and need a team of artists, let us know! We have art, marketing, sound covered! Send us a note!

Writer: If you are a writer who has finished your own book (or self made site) and self-published, or worked with game projects before, we are looking for you! We need self-motivated writers to work with us on story and editing particularly in romance drama or comedy genre. Slice of life + fantasy preferred. Send us a note!

Editor: If you are a person who loves to read, have a kneen sense on grammar, or is a grammar nut, we also can use your help as an editor! Even better if you are english major! Send us a note!

NOTE! We will not read unsolicited material, we will only read your “finished and published” work sample for consideration as part of portfolio.

Non-skill related:
You can still help us! We always love our fans that help promote our work by word of mouth, advertising on the internet, forums, etc (don’t spam though!). Also you may consider sponsoring us or donating as well. You can learn more about being partners with us or just a one time donation here.